Twisting the code

Maximizing the profit is a legitimate and important  objective for businesses, however the code of success can not deciphered without supplying the client with good service to the best engineering code and standards.

There are few service providers who consider themself as successful without paying much to respect for the engineering codes.

In one case a contractor asked for a drive system based on motor size specified by him, apparantly he sized it wrongly which resulted in a lower drive size.

Discovering his mistake, the contractor  tried to make the drive’s supplier to handle the additional cost of upgrading, evidently this was the contractor mistake and drive’s supplier can not pay for the mistakes of contractors.

Turning to the client, the contractor used a very immature approach by trying to convince the client to size the drive, cabling and the system based on a specific operating conditions instead of sizing the drive on name plate rating  power.

Twisting the code to maximize the profit and to cover mistake is very bad appraoch to do business and to have a sustainable relation with the client and the supplier.

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