Iraqi Government plan 2018-2022

Electricity sector

The New Iraqi government announced it’s program and published recently.

The prime minister Adel Abd Almehdi introduced his government program by defining the time frame

To achieve the objectives.

In his effort to build a logical approach he defined three time frames for different objectives as follows:

• Short term objectives-3 to 6 months

• Medium term objective-7-18 months

• Long terms objectives-19-48 months

in his introduction to the program , Mr. Abdul Mehdi obliged himself to stay in the country until fulfilling

all short term objective, good luck Mr Mehdi you will never leave the country.

In this quick review , I will address only the short term objectives in the electricity sector listed on page 18.

Electricity shortage is the main hurdle in Iraq and one of the major cause of demonstrations last few years, people expected solution before next summer.

Mr. Abdul Mehdi summerizes the short term objectives as follows.

Production Sector

Follow up the ,prepared to sign, contracts with the international companies to increase efficiency and production capacity, expediting those contracts with special attention to the Iraq interest.

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