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Iraq oil production- No water No wonder

Iraq oil production- No water No wonder

. 1 min read

IEA issued 24.04.2019 "Iraq’s Energy Sector: A Roadmap to a Brighter Future " which is realy reflecting the dark side of the future of energy sector than the bright side of it.

Enhanced oil production can be done by injecting the associated gas to improve productivity of oil, also can be done by water injection which is the easiest option to do.

Iraq currently is burning an amount of associated gas which can produce 4500 MW according to the report, The burning of the gas produces CO2 and pollute the near by area ( 50% above acceptable limits in other countries) and the non complete burning of the gas linked to high methane effluent in the atmosphere.

On the other side Iraq is importing gas from the beloved neighbor for Iraq's government to produce 4000 MW according to the MOE speaker.

It will be really a big setback if the Iran suctions is forced and no exceptions will be given to import gas and power from the Iranian.

loss loss project for the country and for Basra suffering from pollution's associated illnesses!

The big challenge of supplying water for water injection required to increase the oil production rate necessary for running a country economy based on exporting oil.

Surface water can not be used since it is required for public use, the government did not manage to synch the development of desalination projects with the required increase of oil production and all plans to bring big investors failed so far ( we are talking about 10b US$ of investment).

So despite that the area never been part of ISIS activity the corrupted government failed to manage this vital sector serving their existence and their pockets.

Those are the rulers of Iraq selected by Two invaders.