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Bribing the Engineers

Bribing the Engineers

. 2 min read

Bribery is defined as “the offer or acceptance of anything of value in exchange for influence on a government/public official or employee. Bribes can take the form of gifts or payments of money in exchange for favorable treatment, such as awards of government contracts. Other forms of bribes may include property, various goods, privileges, services and favors. “- See more at:

Iraqi people demonstrated each friday for the past few weeks against corruption in the Iraqi government, they demonstrated despite the burning sun of july and august months.

Demonstrations ignited by the shortage of basic services such as electricity, clean water, sanitation systems, medical treatment, combined with bad security situation which resulted in loosing many governorates in Iraq including the second biggest city in Iraq after the capital baghdad.

A common root cause for all these failures is corruption in the puplic sector which is estimated to spend 1000 billion USD without any tangeable results or improvements.

Ministry of Electricity (MOE) is one important service supplier and may be the highest priority service required by Iraqi people, many ministers promised to improve this sector, some of them claimed they will start exporting electrical energy by end of 2013.

Due to lack of safety and bad security, many international contractors working  in electricity sector are reluctance to send their staff to Iraq to execute their contracts despite the incredable values of such contracts.

To mitigate the risk on contractor side , many contractor is signing a side agreement with the electricity directorates in MOE to hire the ministry engineers and technicians to carry the work locally ,using the installation tools and test equipment of the ministry, the contractor is considering this as win-win situation where he avoided to send his staff to the hot areas controlled by militias or ISIL While paying few dollars a day for these corrupted people including their managers.

Apparantely MOE engineers approve the work after they themself execute it.

Client’s engineers shall never work as sub-contractors , they have big responsibility to set the work or equipment specifications, to secure that implementation of the work is done to the required quality, to witness testing as agreed on the ITP plan.

There is a clear conflict of interest of such arrangements where client personnel work for the contractor during their normal daily work as employees for MOE.

MOE shall fire immediately the Directors who signed or go to such agreement with the contractors, and to legaly sue these contractors who violates the code of conduct they claimed to follow in their countries which prevents them for doing such agreements.

MOE engineers shall  know that building a reliable power system in Iraq can not be done with  bribed engineers.